The whole map

Your inner guidance has seen the whole map. It knows exactly where you wish to go and the best road to lead you there.

Yes, sometimes you might prefer to follow your own thought or your Ego that just pushed an idea to make it faster, or a detour you might want to try just in case… it is okay… your inner guidance can still guide you where you wish to go if you still wish it.

Just like a GPS that will recalculate the best road from where you are.

Your inner guidance has the automatic best accurate update it can have and is always seeing the whole map, even the road in construction and not there yet, the one you might create on your way to your dream, your desire or your goal.

Trusting your inner guidance is following your heart and listening to your intuition. Allowing your intuition to lead you, to show you the path, the road.

It does not mean the road will always be clear as you might have to add some skills to the ones you have going through some challenges. Those skills and that new knowledge is needed for your later so trust what you encounter.

Trust your inner guidance, it has seen the whole map.

Nathalie 🙂



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