Do not hide

Do you allow others to know what is inside of you? Not your deepest secrets but who you are, what you like and maybe even what your dreams are?

Do you tend to keep that a secret either because you might have trusting issues or because you might not think it will interest anyone? Your reasons are yours, but the more you will open to others you love, the more you will see miracles happening. It is not only opening to the others but to the whole Universe.

Opening yourself might be a long work in progress for some. It could feel like something not needed for some as they might have never done it, or never been surrounded by people who did. It might also be from some pain in doing so. Again, your reasons are yours.

When you open yourself to others and allow them to see who you are, you not only do it for yourself, but you do it for them as well. It shows you trust them; it shows you like them; it shows you care for them even if it is about you sharing.

You allow them to love you and to see more of you. You allow them to see the beautiful you instead of them making assumptions based on maybe their ego.

Open yourself to others. Do not hide the beauty of who you are. Allow yourself to own your space and be yourself… and allow you to love your inner self.

Nathalie 🙂



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