Your pathway

As it is your dream… it is also your pathway to it.

When you work towards your dream, you are co-creating the way to it when you work with your inner guidance and you connect to your inner compass.

As you co-create it, you add little things here and there and each one of those little things is like a brick or a stone you put in place to create the pathway to it… your pathway to it.

Each brick or stone is a challenge you step onto to move forward and the experience you get to solidify it.

As you walk on and build your pathway to your dream, it is filled with your energy and your growing desire to achieve it. That energy and that desire is what is holding it all together.

When you let and allow others to help you build your pathway, make sure they either understand what you are creating, or they are willing to let you lead your way. And when you need to redo a part of it, it is okay, simply choose the right “others” if you need help.

Your pathway to your dream is the connection between you and your dream, it is your inner connection between you and your dream… your co-creation. That inner connection will help you partner with the right “others”.

It is your dream and your pathway to it…. Your pathway.

Nathalie 🙂



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