Peaceful way

Have you ever wondered if you were going the right direction? Have you ever felt at peace with something but felt in the same time that you might be missing on something and should be doing something more… now that you feel peaceful with a maybe clearer vision?

When you are at peace, it is a great indication that you are on the right way… yet, that delightful peaceful feeling can be disturbed by thoughts of planning, organizing, doing… which is okay as long as all of those things keep your peace intact. When those actions start feeling a little heavy or stressful, it is your Ego trying to “help” you plan, organize or do something about it.

Your awareness will allow you to catch yourself when going into that Ego direction. Sometimes a little down the road and sometimes right at the start. Either way has nothing to do with how wise you are or how enlighten you are because going down each road, you are learning about things and learning who you are.

When you feel peaceful about a subject or in general… you are doing the right thing and you are going into the right direction on your life path. When you feel at peace with yourself it is a beautiful indication that you understand you have inner guidance, whatever your belief is about this, and that you know you are not doing this alone.

You can be a peaceful person in general yet, you can find yourself with some issues regarding some plan, goal, dream, desire… and this is the peace you must look into regarding that subject.

When you feel negatives or stressful emotions, or when you dislike the unknown, this is you trying to do it alone and maybe trying to do it your way instead of going beyond your fears following signs showing peace waiting for you ahead. A little like those speed bumps slowing you down to pick up the right speed coming through negatives and stressful emotions. Those speed bumps are not asking you to stop and stay there until they disappear, but they are asking you to acknowledge them, work at it slowly so you do not break anything while moving slowly through them. You could also choose not to slow down… and observe some damages from that choice.

When you think about something that makes you smile and feel peaceful, that is a good thought and inspiration… when in a split second it feels difficult and stressful, that is your Ego enjoying the ride along. Trust your intuition and inspiration on the peaceful thought, the one before the Ego joined in.

Sometimes it is a peaceful way and sometimes a peaceful result with a few speed bumps to get to it, but for sure, when you are peaceful, you are on the right way.

Nathalie 🙂



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