Who is holding the light?

How often do you go through something with a fear emotion hovering your actions? How often do you go through something not trusting your divine protection or that you do have a divine protection?

Trusting your divine protection, whatever your beliefs are, your heaven’s team and guidance, again whatever your beliefs are, is allowing that team to hold the light for you on your life path. It is a beautiful partnership of quality.  Keeping a loyal heart and remaining enthusiastic to that trust will simply beautify your days.

You might think that you are the one that needs to always know where you are going and holding that light to see down the path… but you are gifted with an awesome team to do that for you so you can enjoy your journey and all the experiences and challenges along the way.

A trust is faith and faith is a belief that you can have a direct connection with your inner strength, your inner guidance, your inner compass… your inner light… helping you towards your dreams and fun desires.

This is following your intuition and following your inspirations. This is moving on inspired actions.

Sometimes… all you need to do is take the first step, even in the dark, to see further down that shining light starting to guide you. Taking that first step is you, asking for some help and guidance and then you might feel that you are not alone and through synchronicity you can see doors opening and things untangling, and inspired actions coming in clearly.

Once a while, let go of the control of wanting to constantly holding the light to see where you are heading by yourself and the more you will do that, the more you may find yourself not desiring to hold it anymore to enjoy your present moment whether it is bright or not… as you will know from that, that taking the next step opens to more.

Nathalie 🙂



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