Be part of it

When you send out your wish to the Universe, it is like throwing a coin in a wishing well.

Once you sent it out, be open and aware for the signs showing you the way to it. It can be an action, it can be someone you meet and have a conversation with, it could be something you found in a place you were not even suppose to visit… each synchronicity is a little drop from that wishing well jumping out from that wish, that coin you threw in there.

Listen to your inspirations so you can be a co-creator of your wish.

Listen to your inspired actions and to your intuition so you can also add your touch to its design.

Your wish is yours so it means you can help co-creating it, and all you must do is be aware of the signs and synchronicity and open to help to be part of it.

Allow your desire to take form and be part of it. Just like you were the one asking or throwing in the coin, you can also ask and do what you can do to help when it is your turn to. Listening and following your inspired actions are that help part you can do.

Enjoy seeing your desire taking form and be part of it… you are from the start so do not go thinking that it was only your part in your own wish to come true. That was just the start of this wonderful adventure you are co-creating.


Nathalie 🙂



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