Learn to use your inner compass

Listening to your emotions can allow you not only to see if you are aligned with your authentic self, but they can also direct or redirect you.

Your emotions are part of your inner compass so one thing you must do is learn how to read your inner compass. It is one thing to feel your emotions and to name them, you also have to understand what they mean to you and where they are leading you or not.

Your emotions can tell you what is going on that you do not like and also what you like. Your emotions can tell you when the energy surrounding you is aligned with you or not. They can tell you what you desire or not.

Many times, it is in the elimination process that you find it…. in feeling what you do not like and in knowing what you do not want. They can help you clarify.

All your life, from when you were a child to your last breath, you have that inner compass guiding you and guiding your thoughts and actions.

I keep saying to not nourish the negative and to not feed the ego… but before you do that, make sure you take the time to understand what you are not nourishing and feeding. That part is what will allow you to learn how to use that inner compass. In understanding… you are using your emotions as the inner compass to guide you, direct you or redirect you.

Listen to your emotions, they are your best compass.

Nathalie 🙂



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