How to know if you believe in your dreams

This morning someone reminded me that “it all starts with a dream”.  Do you sometimes feel you forgot what your dreams are/were?

This is why… the importance of taking the time once a while, or on a regular basis, to sit down and remember it, or them.  To remember the good and why you wanted or want that dream to be in your reality.

It is maintaining your dreams’ energy alive just like you take care of yourself or your home, or your car or anything tangible in your life. It needs some TLC just the same to move forward in a healthy condition. It is your part in the partnering with the Universe to express that you still want it and you are still up for it, and to make some addendum if you have some. It is also expressing your appreciation of it.

It does not matter if it is a new one or an older dream… the care you can give to it will be the ones you can according to where it is in “its” now.

The tender loving care is always a present moment thing.

How do you feed your dreams after they are part of your thoughts? How do you keep them alive positively? How do you nourish them? How do you take care of them?

The answers can tell you how you believe in them.

Make sure you are not letting your dreams just taking some mind space while you attend to some other ego-based desires or situations.  Not that they will not see the light, but because you deserve them if you dreamed them. They are yours because they came to your attention. The dreams in your mind are yours to be. That’s it! Only the ego-based mind can make you think otherwise.

Have a beautiful day!

Nathalie 🙂



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