A little bit about me… 

I have over 2000 hours of professional alternative therapeutic training under my belt, mostly from Quebec and some done in UK. I am continually learning. My goal in continuing to learn is to be able to help people where the help is needed, to offer them more tools to assist their global health, helping them in managing better, coping better, if not eliminating their pain, both physical and emotional. Never limiting my knowledge or opportunities to help. Also, to have in myself a better balance and harmony.

As a Global health therapist, I Master various work disciplines such as naturopathy, massage therapy and Reiki.

Being also now a Certified card reader, accredited by Hay House, among other certifications from Hay House such as mediumship and numerology, really allow me to professionally use those tools to shine light on my client’s path.

In my fifties, my diverse personal experience and knowledge allows me to understand with compassion people and their incredible opportunities to change any difficult situation into positive situation or to help progress, and always to learn.

The quality of my work is mine, the result is yours!
It is my greatest pleasure to help us.

Nathalie 🙂

* The support I use to allow intuitive and inspired writings and teachings for the articles in this blog, come either from my own photos collection taken wherever I am going or Oracle and Tarot Cards from my favorite teachers.