Metaphysical and Holistic Health Practitioner – Reiki Master

The color of your life lies within yourself. 

My current journey is towards a Ph. D specializing in metaphysical counselling… as part of this journey I became a Reverend and Metaphysical practitioner.

My work is to help you help yourself, to help you find your own inner guidance and to embrace who you are, the authentic you.

Understanding your beliefs and spiritual beliefs, without any religious connotation, to achieve harmony in your life is your work that I can help you with. Awareness tools, activities, and practices, such as meditation, breathing, mindfulness, gratitude, emotional scale, life wheel, individualized affirmations, Reiki, numerology, Oracle Cards, dream interpretation, analysis of emotions…  they are part of my teaching, so you can understand the root of your emotions, how to deal with them with a positive approach, and how to move forward towards your well-being on your personal life path; how to be in your Now and not your ego-based now.

One-on-one, small group, workshop, workbooks, live or online, the work and results are the same, since they are directly related to your personal desire to change and how serious you will replace unnecessary patterns and habits by the ones that fit who you are and want to become or reconnect with.

The beauty of metaphysics is that it is non-denominational, it is not religious but spiritual, pure and simple. It is the understanding of all that is non-physical. We are spiritual beings into physical beings, so it is simply connecting yourself with your eternal inner Self.

It is always my pleasure to help us.
The quality of my work is mine, the result is yours.

Rev. Nathalie Turgeon B.Msc.


I follow my inspirations where my inspirations lead me… without limitation. I always connect within to outgrow my fears and doubts. So can everybody.

From my first day entering the alternative medicine world in 2000… certain therapy methods and fields were a natural addition as I was following my inspirations on my own life path, not knowing then that those experiences were all related to my now, and not knowing then that I am an eternal and passionate student of metaphysics. I was pre-paving my now on my way to a Doctorate specializing in metaphysics.

After 31 years enjoying the office World  and 20 years enjoying in parallel the holistic field (Naturopath, Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Chakra Energy Healing, Numerology, Certified Card Reader, Intuitive Life Coach), today I enjoy devoting myself to writing and teaching. 


My philosophy…

We are Spiritual beings into Physical beings.

There is harmony when our Inner Self and our ego self are in sync.

There is peace of mind and peace of heart when we follow our inner being, our inner guidance, in all situations and conditions.

There is always Love when we look at life and everybody else without exception, through our Inner Self standpoint that is connected to Source or God or however you call the Cosmic Energy, Divine or Higher Presence. There is always Love when we look at others as Souls in physical vehicles finding their own connection on their personal life path.

Learning to live in harmony with our Inner Self is work in progress.

Learning to access our Spiritual Self and love to live with it, is our equilibrium.

Understanding how our body is amazingly constantly telling us when we are in sync or not with our Self is work in progress.

Learning to accept that spirituality is an important part of our life balance is work in progress.

Seeing Spirituality without any religious connotation so you do not resist it… is a passionate mission I have. Making it easy is how I love to teach it.


Life is like a dream you dream wide awake… and you either dream from your ego or from your heart.  When you are conscious that you are dreaming from ego-based thoughts… it is called awareness or awakening.  When fully aware of your usage of your thoughts in your present moment, you can then dream consciously with Love the next step of your life.

It is when you are connected to your inner being, the Source of the Universe in your inner being, that is your whole, that you fully collaborate with the Universe to co-create your desires and dreams in following the intuitions and inspired actions. Do you know how to recognize them, hear them?

Your ego cannot access those intuitions, those inspirations, that knowledge, because your ego does not have access to your inner being, but your ego can indicate you where energies are blocked and need cleansing, clearing away, removal. It can become your best ally. To “try to figure out something” or “find a way to”… is the work of your ego. To receive the solution in a form of an idea, a message or an image is when you are receptive… and that is your inner being job pushing those to your awareness, catching your attention, and your job to be aware and allow them. The more you practice, the more your receptivity is instant.

The harmony, the absolute understanding of the Oneness of your self and inner Self is the result of personal and constant work that you can continue by yourself.  It is your own personal growth and spiritual development in progress.





University of Metaphysics, Sedona

 University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

International Metaphysical Ministry member