Metaphysical and Holistic Health Practitioner
Reiki Master

Make your well-being and spirituality a priority.
Have fun learning how to reach within and creating your future from your present moment..
and not from your past.

The color of your life lies within yourself.

Nathalie holds a Master’s degree in Metaphysics Science with the University of Metaphysics and her current journey is towards a Doctorate degree, Ph.D., specializing in metaphysical counseling with the University of Sedona; as part of this journey, she became a reverend and metaphysical practitioner.

Her work is to help people help themselves; to help them find their own Inner guidance and to embrace who they are, their authentic self; to help them find their own colors within themselves, just like she did.

Understanding personal beliefs and spiritual beliefs, without any religious negative association, to achieve harmony in life is your work that she can help you with. Awareness tools, activities, and practices, such as meditation, breathing, mindfulness, gratitude, emotional scale, life wheel, individualized affirmations, Reiki, numerology, Oracle Cards, dream interpretation, analysis of emotions…  they are part of her teaching and tools, so you can understand the root of your emotions, how to deal with them with a positive approach, and how to move forward from your present towards your well-being on your personal life path; how to be in your Now and not feed your ego-based now.

Nathalie follows her inspirations where her inspirations lead her… without limitation. She always connected within to outgrow her fears and doubts.

From her first day entering the alternative medicine world in 2000… that part of her journey was to her like many bus stops knowing none of them were her destination… those bus stops, like she compares them to, were the different therapy methods and fields naturally added as a career while she was following her inspirations on her own life path, and not knowing then that those experiences were all related to her now. She discovered that she is an eternal and passionate student of metaphysics. She has learned that she was pre-paving her now on her way to a Doctorate specializing in metaphysics.

After 31 years enjoying the office World, and 20 years enjoying in parallel the holistic world (those bus stops where she had the pleasure to work as a Certified Naturopath, Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Chakra Energy Healing, Numerology, Certified Card Reader, Intuitive Life Coach), today she enjoys devoting herself to writing and teaching from experience.

She now takes pleasure to help others while remaining teachable.



We are Spiritual being into Physical being, living and experiencing physical life for the Spiritual being’s expansion.

To better balance mind-body-spirit and not just mind-body, some spiritual understanding and tools to better balance oneself is what that is often missing in one’s life.

Many are searching and finding comfort in mystical avenues, not fully knowing how to integrate that into their life without being secretive or guilty about it; and many are not fully aware that they are following a metaphysical path leading them to balance their mind, body and spirit. After all, we are Spiritual beings into Physical beings, which makes it simply normal to search for better balanced life.

Breathe In Love Out, and Breathe In Love Out Online Well-Being Center have for mission to bring connections ‘understanding between all paths, to better balance and enjoy the wonderful life we all came to live and experience in our many different ways encountering the challenges allowing perfect individualized lessons and expansion.

It has always been my pleasure to help us, you and me. Being teachable no matter how much we know.

There are many inspired ideas on my working table waiting for me to make their way to the Center, so come often to see what’s new that might call you.

Have a wonderful and lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂





University of Metaphysics, Sedona

 University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

International Metaphysical Ministry member

Nathalie holds a Bachelor’s degree, B.Msc. and a Master’s Degree, M.Msc. from the University of Metaphysics. Her current journey is towards a Ph.D., specializing in Metaphysical Counseling through the University of Sedona; as part of this journey, she became a reverend and metaphysical practitioner.